Agriculture is the most complex, yet basic, industry of man. Despite this, there has been no neutral global forum that encompasses all of the industry sectors -- at least until now. Agriculture, in its broadest sense, needs to come together to debate and initiate solutions concerning issues critical to providing food, fiber and fuel for everyone.

The World Agricultural Forum is an independent organization created to meet the urgent need for open debate and discussion of these issues. It will serve as a continuing dynamic forum for world leaders in industry, government, academia, NGOs and IGOs.

Established in 1997, the World Agricultural Forum brings together, in a biennial global Congress, experts from all sectors responsible for providing for the world's growing population. World regional meetings will be held in the years leading to the Congresses to address specific concerns. Based upon these meetings, topics will be selected by the Advisory Board of Directors for future World Congresses.

The initial World Congress -- May 23 to 25, 1999 in St. Louis -- will bring together experts from production, supply, technology, government, academia, transportation, environmental protection and other disciplines. Included in discussions will be:

  • Global economic and agricultural baseline long-range forecasting
  • World calorie and nutrition demands -- and implications for food stocks, trade and consumer trends
  • Technology priorities and funding, both agricultural and related disciplines
  • Sustainability and environmental considerations
  • Government policies affecting agriculture and its support systems
The World Agricultural Forum provides a neutral assemblage in which world authorities can examine all the links in this intricate system and their interrelationships. It is also intended as an opportunity for individual members to form new alliances, associations and initiatives.